The Green Twisted Tower

In the times where magic has been outlawed, few wizards are known to the world even fewer try and teach their spells to others. Callie was a king's daughter who wanted to prove herself and found a wizard who lived in the mountain close to her father's castle. Through persistence and cunning, the Wizard agreed to teach Callie his magic.

The young woman was quick to pick up the Wizard's early lessons, mastering how to move water and animate furniture with ease. She had heard of The Great Magic War, of wizards that could make towering monsters, enchant entire towns and bring down meteors from the sky. She was intoxicated by this knowledge but the Wizard refused to teach her spells. The Wizard would grow impatient with Callie's constant pleading and would shut himself in his room whenever she would bring it up.

Callie would sneak into the Wizard's room when she knew he'd be asleep. She would learn of where the forbidden books were kept, in the lower chambers of the Wizard's mountain tower. Through her persistence she would learn the magic that the Wizard would not teach her.

One moonless night, the Wizard left his tower to seek out the forest's witches coven. On moonless nights the barrier between man and beast grow weaker and evil preys on the hearts of good.

It was this moonless night that Callie would break into the Wizard's hidden room and find the spell books that she has been pleading for. She opened the leather bound book. Green energy began to swirl around her and the power started to turn her hair a frosty blue. She collected the ingredients and potions needed to start a spell that would make her a wizard tower of her own. She went out onto the balcony and looked out to her father's castle. She heated up the cauldron and focused on her tower, the tower that she would keep her secrets in, where she would learn even more powerful spells and become stronger than the wizards from The Great Magic War. The green magic swirled around her and out into the air. Her blue hair lit up brightly, the tower now starting to look more like a lighthouse.

Down in her father's castle, the stones began to shake as if an earthquake was beginning. The guards grew weary as statues began to fall over and crumble. The castle shook more and more as a spire erupted out of the ground below. The green energy travelled from the Wizard's tower and swarmed the castle. Each brick and stone lifted into the air and flew around the spire as it grew. Callie's father awoke as the floor fell out from underneath him. Guards, servants and handmaidens were all squished between the stones of Callie's new tower.

Callie looked out in horror as she saw her family's home being warped into a twisted green tower. Her twisted green tower. The tower that was becoming the resting place of the people that had clothed her, fed her, kept her safe. She tried to stop the spell but it was too late, the magic was too powerful for this young wizard to stop.