Amel - Tales from Sam Hill

Amel came to Sam Hill before The Scar.

Born in the Goliath Belt, Amel would spend her days helping her father with the sodium extractors around the belt and tinkering with the siphons.

Her mother was a streaming starlet, she came to the belt in order to manufacture a beautification serum to go along with her substantial beauty range.

From Amel's tinkering, she singed off one of her eyebrows so her mother helps her painting more and more glam and camping eye beautification.

Amel is a smart and proud woman with a distinctive flare for her dramatic. She was able to easily gain a scholarship that would put her on the fast track to become a "Straw" at the Ferriotte Corporation. Straws are what the gravity engineers call themselves who work on element siphons and rapid digestion systems on the surface of Sam Hill. The Ferriotte Corporation is just one of many companies that came to Sam Hill in the Discovery. The Discovery lead to a resource rush. The thermal surveyors detected that the Sam Hills richness runs deep to the core. Straws work on the Element Siphons to get the minerals out of the layers of the Sam Hill. The faster they can get the resources up and out, the more lavish lives Ferriotte will provide them.