Unity | Josh Tregenza | Story Teller


As part of my feather learning and interests. I began to look outside of application design and general product design aligning well with my interests. I really enjoyed video games and the work involved in building out those games. I believe that were product design allows you to tell a story. Sure, it tells you it tells people the story within the confines of a capitalistic imperative with game design, though it still feeds into having to buy a product you're able to tell a story to others and to infer lessons in fact numerous lessons I chose unity as my program of choice because it was a plethora of tutorials are out there for it.

It seemed to be the easier of the two allowed me to work both in the two dimensional and the three dimensional with usually I have been able to learn to write in C sharp the programming language and it has assisted me in many of the skills involved in game development audio design level design and fully building out a new skill set surrounding game development at this point in time game design is merely a hobby.

Sam Hill Prototype Gif

I enjoy it thoroughly and I have several side projects that are game development (Sam Hill and buff the worm). I understand that these skills can be used outside of game development and for more product development as well, especially with AR and VR becoming more prevalent in our applications. So, though this is spun out of a interest or hobby based pursuit the applications that are used for it are various as the product design ecosystem adapts and integrates with the way technology is working.