Model Driven Development | Josh Tregenza | Story Teller

Model Driven Development

In my time at WorkingMouse & Codebots, a traditional development was a secondary thought to model driven development.

This took some getting used to (until I worked out a nice analogy to do with cars and radios). At WM, we used Eclipse and Jet in order to build out projects.

I didn't build out many domain models outside of the ones that assisted me in designing Codebots's Diagram Editor.

With Eclipse I learned how to build a schematic for databases and a view model that would give frontend tiles, views & elements.

I got pretty good at building out models using a gmf and can comprehend emf files fairly well.

A subset of working in eclipse was working with jet templates. I used this in building custom sass frameworks, this allowed multiple designers, working on different projects can have similar touchstones when they are working implementing their respective designs.