Design Training

Solve a person's problem and they will be stress free for a day, teach them how to solve their own problems and they'll deal with their own stress levels.

As an autodidact, i'm used to self learning and how to continually learn. It's part of over-correcting my feeling of inadequacy in a room full of traditionally trained designers. A byproduct of this is that I'm very astute in how to learn on the fly and how I can break down problems into parts that I can solve.

Design is a solving problems within a series of constraints. When other designers/developers lack knowledge that I have, that's a problem and as a designer, that's a kind of problem that I delight in.

I like to teach and mentor others, I make the time to impart knowledge and allow them to grow as they learn and be emboldened in their own skills. The people I teach and training are smart people, hell most people are plenty smart (they got this far in life for a reason) so I don't want to coddle them but be patient with them.

To train and teach others is to be an advocate for those who seek to learn.