Agile | Josh Tregenza | Story Teller


During my time with WorkingMouse & Codebots, I put into practice the general learnings of agile software development.

From creating and refining requirements (epics, user stories, milestones, etc.), estimating and implementing them into projects; to review those requirements, perform retrospectives and build upon everything learned within the iterations.

The tenets of agile; collaboration, evolution, human-centric are noble enough to strive towards when trying to build things. It aligns well with a design philosophy in delivering value and providing testable/teachable results as efficiently as possible.

Agile has become buzzword-y of late, with many liking the speed in which products are built but have trepidation in the perceived risk that comes with building products that could test positively or negatively.

I have run within various projects that range for light-agile teams to heavy agile teams. Though I had in-house agile team lead training I do not have the certification that would go along with the knowledge.