Archive: The Hyd for my Jekyll

I had to leave the relationship. It wasn't working out. He was too big and bloated and when things went wrong, I had no idea how to fix it. I felt like everything I did was his way. I walked out on my Wordpress site. I needed something lighter, that would give me more control. I looked out and saw many that would be suitable. I fell for a static site generator. His name was Jekyll. I knew the crowds he ran in. Knew that I could have some fun and freedom with him.

We spent nights together, the sun would greet us both, losing track of time with one another. I needed to be careful with him at times, if I didn't watch myself, I would make a big mistake and he wouldn't catch me. I might say the wrong thing and he wouldn't care. Did he care about me? Can I change him so that he might? Would I be acting the role of a mad scientist in doing so?

Choosing Jekyll after Wordpress was one of the best choice I have made for my own development. It has given me a place for me to finally tune my skills in modular structuring, Sass and the YAML syntax.

What Jekyll lacks is a GUI to streamline my writing. I have often lost productivity when I've tried to write. Using various programs to assist me in writing became a grind and I needed an out, I needed better.

This is when the idea for Hyd came to me. Why not make a simple word processor app with readability, spelling and grammar all in the one place? For extra benefit, to Jekyll users, you can then add Front Matter tags and convert the document into Markdown.

I'm building Hyd as we speak, writing it in React (this project is an excuse for me to become way better at React). Once it is in a working condition I will make it open source for other to use and improve.

Updates are forthcoming