Tabletop Role Playing

Starting from Acting

The means of enactment

I was good at two things in highschool, accounting and drama. I was an egotistical and stubborn ass of a boy back then. One memory takes me to a time where I would do my best Jimmy Stewart and filibuster my extension drama class on the title and theme of our year 12 class created play.

I loved acting, way too much. In a review of my performances it was written that stated I had "chameleon-like changeability". The ego got the better of me though and my frustration of my own ego came out against my fellow actors. Don't get me wrong, I dislike a lot of the work conditions, ego trips and political shenanigans of others, I was just as much to blame.

I used to act. I don't get to act anymore. Ended that chapter of my life years ago.

I am still a very theatrical person and love the power of improvisation. During my time at [WorkingMouse}(/posts/working-mouse) I was introduced to the satanic panic role playing game of the 80's, Dungeons and Dragons.

About the friends and team work

You must gather your party before venturing forth

I gravitated towards D&D like a moth to the flame, first stepping into the character of Gool-Kark Byzaan. Kark was a dragonborn paladin, with a blood lust for war but a moral compass that would help bring others together and help save the world of Harkon from the tyranny of the deceiver god Tiamat.

D&D gave me the ability to act again but without the pretense of an audience or the stage. The audience was those around the table, the stage was either in our minds or displayed in a grid with minis (The only two minis I have are of Kark and my lastest character, the ascendent blind abjurer, Jor'raan Tabaso Cerventes).

The cooperative nature of D&D, where you needed other players and the DM to get a game going was the spark I needed.

For the past 5 years I've been a new player to fifth edition to a DM weaving stories and tales of my own within worlds of others and some of my own, always with the rest of the players in mind.

Worldbuilding and discusses about the worlds

Turning into fables