• Freelance Guide: The Right Clients

    File Under : freelance, tips, and tricks

    Unless you found a way to turn unsolicated redesigns and good intentions into money, as a freelancer, you will need to get clients and you’ll need to make sure they are the right ones.

    In the book, Good to Great (A book that aged poorly as soon as the GFC...

  • The Hyd for my Jekyll

    File Under : design and work

    I had to leave the relationship. It wasn’t working out. He was too big and bloated and when things went wrong, I had no idea how to fix it. I felt like everything I did was his way. I walked out on my Wordpress site. I needed something lighter, that...

  • Moving Beyond Burnout

    File Under : design and work

    Burnout… Not just a lacklustre video game, also a debilitating fallout from overworking yourself in poor conditions.

    Since becoming a designer I’ve experienced it less and less but before then, it happened on an almost weekly basis. Burnout gets in the way of best laid plans. Often times I would...

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